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The Financial Services sector in the UK promotes a broad range of financial products, from credit cards and savings accounts, to insurance, bonds, pensions and many other types of financial instruments. Constantly changing and evolving, with innovative new types of product being created all the time, it is important to make sure you know which are the right products to choose for your financial health. After all, it doesn't take too many wrong moves to see your hard-earned nest-egg turned into thin air. At we provide tools to help you navigate the morass of marketing and financial information which is out there, and to hopefully point you in the right direction.

On this particular page you'll find two things. Firstly, you'll find a list of all the products which are featured on this site, thus making it easy to locate the products you need; secondly, you'll also find a link to display all of the companies which are listed on, and thus making it simple to find products on offer by individual companies.

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3V Prepaid Visa   3V Vouchers - Prepaid Visa

3V Vouchers provide an entirely new way to shop online, without needing to use your credit card or debit card.

The AA (Automobile Association)   AA Breakdown Cover

When you choose to purchase AA Breakdown Cover online, you can now save up to 35%. Rated as the top breakdown service by Which Magazine, AA Breakdown service has a history nearly as long as the motor vehicle itself: in fact the AA has now been rescuing Britain's motorists for over 100 years.

The AA (Automobile Association)   AA Car Insurance

Save money on your motor insurance with AA Car Insurance: 88% of new AA car insurance customers who took part in a recent survey, carried out by the Acromas Group, found the AA car insurance premium was cheaper than the price quoted by their previous provider.

The AA (Automobile Association)   AA European Breakdown Cover

While not exactly insurance, per se, AA European Breakdown Cover still does provide a great deal of peace-of-mind. Breaking down abroad without cover can be expensive, and recovery back to the UK alone could cost around £1,000. However, with AA European Breakdown Cover, you can contact AA to arrange help 24 hours a day.

The AA (Automobile Association)   AA Home Insurance

AA Home Insurance is an extremely well-regarded insurance product, with comprehensive insurance cover providing complete peace of mind. In fact, according to the Acromas Group's Home Insurance New Business Survey, from July 2008, over 95% of AA Home Insurance customers would recommend AA home insurance products to a friend.

The AA (Automobile Association)   AA Life Insurance

AA Life Insurance, provided by Legal & General, is designed to financially protect your family if you die during the term of your policy.

The AA (Automobile Association)   AA Motorcycle Insurance

If you're looking for either motorbike, scooter or superbike insurance cover, then AA can take the hard work out of finding motorcycle insurance. AA search a panel of leading motorbike insurance companies to get you the best possible deal.

The AA (Automobile Association)   AA Pet Insurance

With AA Pet Insurance, from the AA, your pet can be covered for up to £5,000 in vet's fees. Once upon a time pet owners choosing to have pet insurance would have been the exception, rather than the norm.

The AA (Automobile Association)   AA Travel Insurance

Anyone familiar with the AA will know that, far from being just for breakdown services and car insurance, The AA now provides a comprehensive selection of other financial products and many other types of insurance, including travel insurance.

The AA (Automobile Association)   AA Van Insurance

The AA may be best known for its UK breakdown service, but the AA also provides many other services too, including commercial van insurance, with a 24-hour claims helpline, European van cover and AA member discounts.

American Express   American Express Card (Green)

The American Express Card is not your typical credit card, and offers many benefits which the usual run-of-the-mill cards do not. However, to be more accurate, the American Express Card (Green) is a charge card, as opposed to a credit card.

American Express   American Express Home Insurance

Purchasing a home is usually one of the most expensive purchases any home-owener will make; it therefore makes good sense to take care of the investment by purchasing adequate home insurance.

American Express   American Express Platinum Business Cashback Card

The American Express Platinum Business Cashback Card provides all the benefits and features you'd expect from an American Express platinum card, but with this card your business can also take advantage of the savings and offers.

American Express   American Express Platinum Charge Card

The American Express Platinum Charge Card is more than a cut above most other types of card, and provides a range of benefits that most card-holders can only wish for. For example, you will enjoy extensive travel and lifestyle benefits, lots of special offers and also travel advice and assistance when you need it.

American Express   Amex Nectar for Business Credit Card

The American Express Nectar for Business Credit Card has a fairly self-explanatory name and, as you might guess, is a credit card for business use, and one which also earns Nectar points.

American Express   Amex Platinum Cashback Credit Card

With the American Express Platinum Cashback credit card, every time you use your card, it will reward you with cash back, to spend exactly how you choose. Right now American Express is offering an introductory 5% cashback incentive for the first three months.

Asda Finance   Asda Car Insurance

While once maybe better known for its cauliflower and cabbages, these days many a smart shopper chooses Asda Finance for car insurance too.

Asda Finance   Asda Home Insurance

It can be a time consuming process to search the web, to make lots of phone calls and then to compare an array of different home insurance quotes.

Asda Finance   ASDA Pet Insurance

When our four-legged family members become sick, or have an accident, it can often result in a number of unexpected costs. However, with ASDA Pet Insurance, the veterinary fees and other costs need not be such a shock to the system.

Asda Finance   ASDA Travel Insurance

No matter if you are taking a short weekend break within the UK or a two-week safari in much sunnier climes, there is little that gives more comfort than knowing that your travel insurance is up to the task of taking care of you if things don't turn out as planned.

Asda Finance   Asda Vehicle Breakdown Service

If you have a vehicle, then you've no doubt signed up for car breakdown cover at one time or another. One or two well known names always spring to mind, such as the AA, or RAC, but there are several others, and ASDA has also now joined the club, offering their own car breakdown service.

Aviva (formerly Norwich Union)   Aviva Annual Travel Insurance

Aviva Annual Travel Insurance provides peace of mind for any number of trips and holidays throughout the year, without having to remember to purchase a separate travel insurance policy for each trip.

Aviva (formerly Norwich Union)   Aviva Car Insurance

Motor insurance, like much else, comes in all shapes and sizes, and it's fair to say that you generally get what you pay for. However, with hundreds of insurance companies to choose from, you could well spend a small fortune in time and energy trying to figure out the best car insurance offer.

Aviva (formerly Norwich Union)   Aviva Home Insurance

Formerly known as Norwich Union, Aviva provides the exact same products as Norwich Union always has done, so don't be confused by the name change. Aviva Home Insurance is, therefore, the same product as the previously named Norwich Union Home Insurance.

Aviva (formerly Norwich Union)   Aviva Travel Insurance

There's nothing quite like a well-planned, long-awaited holiday, and that's why you should ensure that you always obtain travel insurance before your trip.

Bank of Scotland   Bank of Scotland All In One Credit Card

Bank of Scotland All In One Credit Card provides essentially the same card as Halifax All In One Credit Card, except with different branding, and offers useful features to those wishing to obtain a new credit card, or who wish to transfer balances from store cards or other credit cards.

cashplus   cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard

The cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard is a prepaid, personalised, Chip and PIN MasterCard card. Much like prepaid anything else - mobile phone or phone card, for example - the cashplus card is a payment card that works in similar way; you first need to put money on to the card before you are able to use it.

Columbus Direct   Columbus Direct Car Insurance

Not all motor insurance companies are the same, and Columbus Direct is "one of the other ones." Once providing only travel insurance, Columbus Direct Car Insurance has now also become a popular insurance product, and provides up to 70% No Claims Discount for qualified drivers.

Columbus Direct   Columbus Direct Home Insurance

Columbus Direct are a UK company which have been providing insurance policies for more than twenty years. While initially best known for their travel insurance cover - which is something they still excel at - Columbus Direct now provide a number of other insurance products, including Columbus Direct Home Insurance.

Columbus Direct   Columbus Direct Travel Insurance

Almost everyone seems to offer travel insurance these days, including the post office, banks and even some supermarket chains.

Diva Insurance   Diva Car Insurance for Women

Not too much explanation should be necessary to explain what Diva Car Insurance for Women is all about, suffice to say that if you're female, and looking for a good deal on your car insurance, then Diva Insurance can probably help you with that.

E-Platinum Plus   E-Platinum Plus Charge Card

E-Platinum Plus is a charge card provided by a company called E-Credit Plus. While it's not a company everyone will have heard of, the E-Platinum Plus card issued by E-Credit Plus does have benefits for some people, particularly for those unable to obtain credit cards elsewhere, for whatever reason.

engage Mutual Assurance   engage Mutual Child Trust Fund

A Child Trust Fund, often known simply as a CTF, is a savings and investment account for children, and developed by the government in order to encourage children and their families to save for the future.

engage Mutual Assurance   engage Mutual Life Cover Plan for Over 50`s

engage Mutual Over 50's Life Cover Plan, as the name suggests, provides life insurance for people aged 50 and over. Any UK resident, aged between 50 and 80 may apply for the life insurance product, and engage Mutual guarantees to accept applicants without requiring a medical examination.

Equifax Personal Credit Solutions   Equifax Credit Rating Service

With your Equifax Credit Rating, from Equifax Personal Credit Solutions, you get to see your actual credit score, which is probably the single most important piece of information used by lenders to qualify you for credit; purchase of your Equifax Credit Rating also includes your Equifax Credit Report.

Equifax Personal Credit Solutions   Equifax Credit Report

Some credit reference agencies may get a bad rap sometimes but, at the end of the day, unless you're able to take charge of your finances - and thus make the credit-reference-gods happy - your credit rating can easily count against you, and you may ...

Equifax Personal Credit Solutions   Equifax Credit Watch

According to the British Home Office, one of the UK's fastest-growing crimes is identity theft. In fact, some studies show that identity theft is increasing at a rate of more than 500% each year.

Experian   Experian Credit Expert

The Credit Expert service, provided by Experian, is an online credit-monitoring and identity-fraud protection service for individuals.

Halifax   Halifax All in One Credit Card

Halifax All in One Credit Card provides good all-round features to customers wishing to obtain a new credit card, or wishing to transfer balances from other credit cards or store-cards.

Halifax International   Halifax International Fixed Rate Web Saver Account

Halifax International Fixed Rate Web Saver account is an offshore account which may be useful to anyone living abroad, and who would like a fixed rate and fixed term for their savings.

Halifax International   Halifax International Regular Saver Account

Halifax International Regular Saver Account is an offshore account which may be useful to anyone living abroad, and who wants to Save between £100 and £2,000 every month for 12 months.

Halifax International   Halifax International Sterling Variable Rate Web Saver Account

Halifax International Sterling Variable Rate Web Saver Account is an excellent account for offshore savings. The savings account offers attractive tiered interest rates, so the more you save, the more interest you will earn.

LawShield Direct   LawShield Direct Home Emgergency Repairs Insurance

Home Emergency Repairs Insurance from LawShield Direct is a comprehensive extension of the insurance cover provided by your existing household insurance.

LawShield Direct   LawShield Direct Identity Theft Insurance

LawShield Direct Identity Theft Insurance is a specialised legal-expenses insurance policy.

LawShield Direct   LawShield Direct UK Breakdown Insurance

UK Breakdown Insurance from LawShield Direct works in an almost identical manner to breakdown cover plans provided by the AA, RAC and Churchill, for example. In fact, this insurance policy provides you with 24/7 cover, 365 days a year UK breakdown cover, and includes not only cars, but also vans and motorcycles.

Liverpool Victoria   Liverpool Victoria 50 Plus Life Insurance

There are lots of things that people like to put off until another day, a more convenient time, or when they have a bit more spare change, and life insurance often seems to top the list of things that can wait for a while longer.

Liverpool Victoria   Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance

Few companies have been offering insurance and financial products as long as Liverpool Victoria has been; and, with over 160 years of experience behind it, and still a Friendly Society, you can be confident that Liverpool Victoria will still be around for a long time yet.

Liverpool Victoria   Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance

Liverpool Victoria is one of the dwindling number of Friendly Societies that exist in the UK, and has been in business for generations.

Liverpool Victoria   Liverpool Victoria ISA

Liverpool Victoria, after over 160 years of being in business, is still a Friendly Society, offering a range of financial products from savings and insurance to life cover and retirement plans.

Liverpool Victoria   Liverpool Victoria Pet insurance

Anyone who has needed to visit a veterinary surgeon's office in recent times will know that the cost of owning a pet continues to increase year after year, with treatment for your pet, in some cases, becoming almost prohibitively expensive. One thing you can be sure of is that the costs are not going to get any cheaper.

Liverpool Victoria   Liverpool Victoria Travel Insurance

Through no fault of your own, even the best of holiday plans can come unstuck sometimes. Whether its a sudden illness or accident, a missed or cancelled flight, lost luggage, or even late-arriving luggage, a holiday has the potential to cause not only large amounts of stress, but also financial ruin.

Lloyds TSB Insurance   Lloyds TSB Building & Contents Insurance

Lloyds TSB have a stellar reputation for offering top-quality home insurance products, and is one of the most popular home insurance providers in the UK.

Lloyds TSB Insurance   Lloyds TSB Car Insurance

While probably better known for banking, Lloyds TSB car insurance, underwritten by Churchill Insurance Company Limited, provides customers with all of the benefits you would expect from any other car insurance provider; Lloyds TSB also offer a ...

Logbook Loans   Logbook Loans - Ideal for Bad Credit

One of the most frustrating obstacles some people find, when attempting to resolve a financial difficulty, is that, no matter where they turn, credit is denied.

MBNA   MBNA Business Card with bmi miles

The MBNA Business Card with bmi miles is an ideal credit card for those running a business, or operating as self-employed, and is useful for a number of reasons, including helping you to organise your time and business more efficiently.

MBNA   MBNA Business Credit Card

The MBNA Business Credit Card is an ideal credit card for those running a business, or operating as self-employed, and is useful for a number of reasons, including helping you to organise your time and business more efficiently.

MBNA   MBNA Business Credit Card, with Cashback

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, MNBA Bank provides a variety of credit card products.

MBNA   MBNA Points Credit Card

MNBA are the largest credit card provider in the UK, and have a range of credit cards to suit everyone, from cashback cards and business cards to low APR cards with 0% balance transfer fees, and many more. The MBNA Points Credit Card offers customers a range of these benefits too, but additionally provides Rewards Points.

Nationwide Building Society   Nationwide Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

While Nationwide Building Society may be best-known for its financial products such as mortgages and savings, you'll also find that Nationwide offers a wide range of insurance products too, and travel insurance is just one such product in Nationwide's comprehensive range of insurance services.

Nationwide Building Society   Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide Car Insurance, provided by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited, offers a discount for online applications plus up to 75% no claims discount.

Nationwide Building Society   Nationwide Home Insurance

Nationwide may not be the first company you think of for home insurance, but the Nationwide Building Society of today is far more a financial services company than the Nationwide of yesteryear, and now offers not only banking and saving facilities, but also a variety of insurance products, including affordable home insurance and motor insurance.

Nationwide Building Society   Nationwide Loans

Many people see credit cards as the best way to obtain credit, yet it's usually the most expensive method. Personal loans, on the other hand, almost always offer a much better deal, generally providing a fixed interest rate for the length of the loan, and almost always at a much lower interest rate than a credit card.

Nationwide Building Society   Nationwide Mortgages

Choosing a mortgage is, for most people, one of the biggest financial decisions they'll ever make. It makes a lot of sense, therefore, to choose a company which is well-known for such financial products; that's where Nationwide comes in.

Nationwide Building Society   Nationwide Travel Insurance

While best known for its financial products such as mortgages and savings, Nationwide Building Society also offers a wide range of insurance products too, and travel insurance is just one such product in Nationwide's portfolio of insurance services.

NatWest Bank   NatWest Black Credit Card

With its minimum of £15,000 credit limit you can guess that the NatWest Black Credit Card is a shade different to most other credit cards.

NatWest Bank   NatWest Classic Credit Card

With dozens of credit card companies - and hundreds of credit cards - to choose from, the choices can often seem bewildering; from free gifts and special introductory rates to travel discounts and rewards points, the list seems to grow and grow, and ...

NatWest Bank   NatWest Platinum Credit Card

One of several cards from NatWest, the NatWest Platinum Credit Card is open only to existing NatWest customers, and the offer as described on the NatWest website is only available for application online (i.e. you can't apply for the same offer by post, for example).

NatWest Bank   NatWest Private Banking Credit Card

The NatWest Private Banking Credit Card is a card which offers a discounted APR, and is exclusively for NatWest Private Banking customers. With an APR around 2% lower than the standard rate on other NatWest credit cards, if you're already a Private Banking customer with NatWest then this card definitely offers you a good deal.

NatWest Bank   NatWest Student Credit Card

NatWest offer a variety of credit cards for different needs, and the NatWest Student Credit Card is, naturally enough, designed specifically for students (although anyone aged 18 and over can apply).

PetPlan   Petplan Equine Insurance

PetPlan Equine is a trading name of the Animal Health Division of Allianz Insurance plc.

PetPlan   Petplan Pet Insurance

Unfortunately, as hard as you may try, there's often little you can do to prevent your pet from getting into scrapes, or becoming ill, and, as many pet-owners will testify, veterinary bills rarely get cheaper and, as your pet becomes older, visits to the vet are more likely to increase in frequency.

Post Office   Post Office - Travel Money Card

The Post Office Travel Money Card is one of the safest and simplest methods of taking your money abroad. There is no purchase fee and your Travel Money Card can be used in millions of shops and restaurants worldwide. In fact, your Post Office money card can be used anywhere that Visa Electron is accepted, including any ATM (i.e.

Post Office   Post Office Car Insurance

While the Post Office may not necessarily be the first website you think about visiting for UK car insurance, there is certainly no reason why you shouldn't; offering a similar online insurance tool to the AA and RAC, where they search through ...

Post Office   Post Office Foreign Currency Service

With the Post Office's Foreign Currency service you can order up to £2,500 of foreign currency, or American Express Travellers Cheques, either online or by telephone up to five working days in advance.

Post Office   Post Office Home Insurance

If you have a home, then getting decent, affordable home insurance should be one of your priorities. As many will undoubtedly attest, any damage to your home can be an expensive headache, and it's an even bigger headache when you don't have decent home insurance to take care of things.

Post Office   Post Office Instant Saver Account

The Post Office have operated savings accounts for decades, and have always been able to be counted on as a safe and secure location for investor's deposits.

Post Office   Post Office Life Insurance

Post Office Life Insurance, provided by Norwich Union Life and Pensions Ltd, is a simple and cost-effective way to pay off your mortgage balance or to leave your family an amount of cash when you die. Post Office Life Insurance is available to anyone aged between 18 and 66 and is a UK resident.

Post Office   Post Office Pet Insurance

With veterinary costs always on the rise, it has rarely been more important to provide insurance cover for your pet. While the thought may not be one you wish to dwell on, should your pet suffer an injury or illness, or succumb to an accident, without adequate insurance your pet could end up costing you many hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

Post Office   Post Office Travel Insurance

There are few things as frustrating as having taken time to save up for a holiday and then finding you have to cancel it; however, it quickly does become more frustrating when you realise that you are not able to get a full refund - or, sometimes, even any refund at all.

Post Office   Post Office Van Insurance

If you operate a business as a sole trader, are a contractor, or are someone who transports large items and use a single van to conduct you business, then Post Office van insurance provides the ideal insurance cover for you and your business.

Provident Personal Credit   Provident Personal Credit - Small Loans

Provident Personal Credit provides small loans of between £50 and £500 and, in a nutshell, pretty much anyone may apply for a Provident loan, regardless of credit history, or if you have been turned down for credit before.

RAC - Royal Automobile Club   RAC Breakdown Cover

RAC provides a number of products for motorists and travellers, but none are probably as well-known as the RAC Breakdown services. RAC has more than 1,500 patrols attending around 2.5 million breakdowns each year, and RAC covers around 7 million roadside assistance customers.

RAC Insurance   RAC Car Insurance

With its heritage of motoring stretching all the way back into the nineteenth century, few other organisations understand motoring better than RAC: and so, now, RAC have drawn from over a century's experience of working with vehicle owners and ...

Royal Bank of Scotland   RBS Black Credit Card

With a minimum £15,000 credit limit you can guess that the Royal Bank of Scotland Black Credit Card is not your average, everyday credit card. However, although there are, of course, a few criteria, you don't need to be super-rich to apply for this exclusive RBS credit card.

Royal Bank of Scotland   RBS Classic Credit Card

The RBS Classic Credit Card is your standard, few-frills, work-horse credit card, providing everything that most people want from a credit card - a reasonable APR, reasonable credit limits, and the security and access to resources that come from a large financial group.

Royal Bank of Scotland   RBS Student Credit Card

Royal Bank of Scotland offer a variety of credit cards for different needs, and the RBS Student Credit Card is, as the name suggests, designed specifically for students (albeit anyone aged 18 and over can apply).

RSPCA Pet Insurance   RSPCA Pet Insurance

Few institutions are as synonymous with animal welfare as the RSPCA, and now, with RSPCA Pet Insurance, you can help your pet and the RSPCA at the same time, with 20% of your RSPCA Pet Insurance premiums going directly to fund the important work of the RSPCA throughout the UK.

Simple Travel Insurance   Simple Travel Insurance

Anyone that's ever missed a connecting flight or had their luggage delayed will know how frustrating even the best-planned holiday can turn out.

Swiftcover   Swiftcover Car Insurance

Swiftcover may be one of the newest UK insurance companies, but it took little time for Swiftcover to become a fierce competitor in the car insurance market, and in 2007 was the fastest growing UK insurance company, at which point it was taken over by the Axa group. Swiftcover now operates as an independent arm of the Global Axa Group.

Direct Travel Insurance   Travel Insurance from Direct Travel Insurance

It's not every travel insurance company that manages to accumulate Which? Magazine awards for twelve consecutive years, yet Direct Travel Insurance have managed to do exactly that, being recognised with the magazine's "Best Buy" status for a straight dozen years.

Vanquis Bank   Vanquis Visa Credit Card

Vanquis Bank is a lot different to other lenders, and credit card limits are significantly lower than those of many other lenders.

Virgin Money   Virgin Credit Card

Well-known for a range of other financial products, including the Virgin Prepaid Mastercard, the Virgin Credit Card is a Mastercard branded credit card which provides a number of benefits not available with other cards - including free travel accident insurance and free purchase protection insurance.

Virgin Money   Virgin Prepaid Mastercard

Virgin Prepaid Mastercard, offered by Virgin Money, is an ideal card to have if you don't want - or need - a credit card, or if you are not able to obtain one because your credit rating is not high enough, or because you don't have a bank account, for example.

Weddingplan   Weddingplan Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance may not be the first thing that springs to mind when planning a wedding, and yet, besides purchasing a home or buying a car, it can often be amongst the most expensive purchases many couples make.

Wonga   Wonga Unsecured Personal Loans

If you have ever tried looking for a loan, then it doesn't take long to discover that there are usually more than a handful of companies willing to lend you money.

Yes Loans   Yes Loans Unsecured Personal Loans

Yes Loans is amongst the largest UK credit brokers, and specialises in providing any-purpose loans for both homeowners and tenants alike, and to those customers previously refused by other credit companies and lenders. Regardless of bad credit history or low credit score, Yes Loans offers a useful financial lifeline for many folks.

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