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Fair Credit Score Credit Cards for Low to Fair Credit Rating. If you have less than perfect credit - but have at least a fair credit score - there is no reason to suppose you will need to resort to paying an astronomical APR on whatever card you choose. It's true that your choice of credit cards will be restricted, since many lenders simply won't lend to you, but there are still a number that will, and you don't neccessarily need to sell your soul to become eligible. (For those with bad credit, or no credit history, we list other cards.) If you persist in experiencing difficulties obtaining a credit card of any type, then you may like to consider a pre-paid credit card; although a pre-paid card won't improve your credit score, it will at least provide you with a great deal of convenience.

You may pay a higher APR with some of the cards designed for those with less-than-perfect credit, and - as with any offer for credit - you should always read the fine-print carefully. Nonetheless, using your credit card carefully and responsibly, you may be able to improve your credit score over time, at which point you'd be wise to switch to a card with a lower APR.

Vanquis Visa Credit Card

Vanquis Bank
Vanquis Bank is a lot different to other lenders, and credit card limits are significantly lower than those of many other lenders. Maintaining a high level of customer contact throughout the life of the account, Vanquis Bank also have higher minimum repayments compared with the majority of other credit card providers, which thus helps customers pay off their credit card balance more quickly. While Vanquis Bank is relatively new, with Provident Financial as its parent, and a long history of success in the home credit industry, you should feel perfectly comfortable signing up with Vanquis.
Vanquis Visa Credit Card Details of Vanquis Visa Credit Card

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