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Instant Approval Instant Approval Credit Cards. Everyone loves "instant" anything, and so for those who just can't wait a week to find out if their credit card application was successful, we list the credit cards where you can find out right away whether your credit card application was successful or not. Some of the cards listed below are pre-paid credit cards, where approval is guaranteed, and some are simply regular credit cards. The latter, it should be noted, are not necessarily guaranteed approval cards (although one or two of them may be), but rather it means that you will find out online, usually within sixty seconds or so, whether your application was successful.

3V Vouchers - Prepaid Visa

3V Prepaid Visa
3V Vouchers provide an entirely new way to shop online, without needing to use your credit card or debit card. 3V Vouchers are disposable, prepaid VISA numbers that can be purchased by anyone who is aged 16 or over, with use of a mobile phone and an email address, and can be used to shop online, via mail order or over the telephone, just as you would do using a normal credit card. There are several obvious advantages to using this type of service, but most especially security, since 3V Vouchers negate the need for you to use your actual credit card or debit card.
3V Vouchers - Prepaid Visa Details of 3V Vouchers - Prepaid Visa

American Express Platinum Charge Card

American Express
The American Express Platinum Charge Card is more than a cut above most other types of card, and provides a range of benefits that most card-holders can only wish for. For example, you will enjoy extensive travel and lifestyle benefits, lots of special offers and also travel advice and assistance when you need it. You can also enjoy airport lounge access and often, where available, upgrades and even special fares. Additionally, with the American Express Membership Rewards programme, most times you use your card, you'll accumulate points, which you can collect and later redeem for a variety of rewards.
American Express Platinum Charge Card Details of American Express Platinum Charge Card

Amex Platinum Cashback Credit Card

American Express
With the American Express Platinum Cashback credit card, every time you use your card, it will reward you with cash back, to spend exactly how you choose. Right now American Express is offering an introductory 5% cashback incentive for the first three months. In fact, the Platinum Cashback credit card boasts one of the highest introductory cashback rates on the market, and there is also no annual fee. The online application takes just a few minutes, and you'll get an almost instant decision regarding your application's success within 60 seconds.
Amex Platinum Cashback Credit Card Details of Amex Platinum Cashback Credit Card

cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard

The cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard is a prepaid, personalised, Chip and PIN MasterCard card. Much like prepaid anything else - mobile phone or phone card, for example - the cashplus card is a payment card that works in similar way; you first need to put money on to the card before you are able to use it. Therefore it's different to both a debit card and a credit card, since it is neither linked to a bank account nor do you pay for your transactions at a later date. However, you can still use your cashplus prepaid card anywhere that accepts MasterCard - which is at over one million cash machines and millions of retail outlets worldwide.
cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard Details of cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard

E-Platinum Plus Charge Card

E-Platinum Plus
E-Platinum Plus is a charge card provided by a company called E-Credit Plus. While it's not a company everyone will have heard of, the E-Platinum Plus card issued by E-Credit Plus does have benefits for some people, particularly for those unable to obtain credit cards elsewhere, for whatever reason. With a lifetime APR of 0% and no credit reference checks, and 100% guaranteed approval, the E-Platinum Plus charge card is therefore ideal for some people. The E-Platinum Plus card could therefore be a tool which those with less-than-perfect credit might wish to use to try and improve their credit record.
E-Platinum Plus Charge Card Details of E-Platinum Plus Charge Card

Post Office - Travel Money Card

Post Office
The Post Office Travel Money Card is one of the safest and simplest methods of taking your money abroad. There is no purchase fee and your Travel Money Card can be used in millions of shops and restaurants worldwide. In fact, your Post Office money card can be used anywhere that Visa Electron is accepted, including any ATM (i.e. cash machine) displaying the Visa logo worldwide. The card is, essentially, a pre-paid Visa card, but you can purchase the card in either euros, US dollars, or sterling. Secure, flexible, and convenient, the Post Office Travel Money Card is a great way to take control of your holiday currency.
Post Office - Travel Money Card Details of Post Office - Travel Money Card

Vanquis Visa Credit Card

Vanquis Bank
Vanquis Bank is a lot different to other lenders, and credit card limits are significantly lower than those of many other lenders. Maintaining a high level of customer contact throughout the life of the account, Vanquis Bank also have higher minimum repayments compared with the majority of other credit card providers, which thus helps customers pay off their credit card balance more quickly. While Vanquis Bank is relatively new, with Provident Financial as its parent, and a long history of success in the home credit industry, you should feel perfectly comfortable signing up with Vanquis.
Vanquis Visa Credit Card Details of Vanquis Visa Credit Card

Virgin Credit Card

Virgin Money
Well-known for a range of other financial products, including the Virgin Prepaid Mastercard, the Virgin Credit Card is a Mastercard branded credit card which provides a number of benefits not available with other cards - including free travel accident insurance and free purchase protection insurance. Offering a competitive APR together with no annual fee and up to 50 days interest free on your card purchases, the Virgin Credit Card is a popular choice of card for many consumers, providing the ability to manage the credit card account 24/7, either online or by telephone.
Virgin Credit Card Details of Virgin Credit Card

Virgin Prepaid Mastercard

Virgin Money
Virgin Prepaid Mastercard, offered by Virgin Money, is an ideal card to have if you don't want - or need - a credit card, or if you are not able to obtain one because your credit rating is not high enough, or because you don't have a bank account, for example. The card can be used just as if it were a credit card, and can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted (including ATM machines). The difference between the Virgin prepaid card and a credit card is you load it up with money before you shop, instead of paying off your balance later, keeping both your budget intact and saving you interest charges at the same time.
Virgin Prepaid Mastercard Details of Virgin Prepaid Mastercard

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